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“W. J. Renehan has written a comprehensive and concise account of the various theories of Horror, a difficult task though he lets none of the difficulty show, and thus this is a fine introduction to the field. But his book is more than theory; it also shares with the reader the weird pleasure we take in the field.”  – Robert H. Waugh, author of The Monster in the Mirror: Looking for H.P. Lovecraft and A Monster of Voices: Speaking for H.P. Lovecraft


Night’s Harbor is a meticulously crafted novella of suspense filled terror. Beautifully paced and wonderfully vivid, the story is as chilling as it is brutal.” – Michael Bray, author of the Whisper Trilogy

“This captivating vampire novella is not for the squeamish and will have you thinking twice about inviting anyone into your home.” – Shane Stadler, author of Exoskeleton

“Intelligent, erudite and well-written, Night’s Harbor is an exciting and down-right scary new work of Vampire fiction that will not be ignored.” – William Cook, author of Blood Related

Night’s Harbor reads like a sequence of disturbing dreams: each hallucination more frightening and maddening than the last.” – Joseph Sale, author of The Darkest Touch


In these ten vivid tales of the macabre, W.J. Renehan artfully depicts roads less traveled – vacant spaces in both terrain and time where light yields to darkness, order to chaos, and reason to its reverse image. Renehan’s beautifully-rendered stories steer us down infernal off-ramps to unhallowed places where tortured souls dwell forever, and malevolent corruption thrives in abundance: dark blossoms on a withered bough.


Seven more wonderfully vividly, excruciatingly dark tales in the spirit of Shades and Divinations, Volume 1.